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I'm Nick, the artist behind The Merry Mage.

As a member, you'll get access to my hardcore fantasy artwork, videos, stories, interactive modules, and games.

And you'll be supporting me as an artist - which means a lot to me : )

I'm best known for my hardcore celebrity-themed work and very close likenesses.

But I've also begun releasing hyper-realistic teen artwork as well.

When you join as a member, you'll also be in good company, with over 4,500 other paying members from around the world.

(Here are some testimonials from my members.)

OK, so what do you get as a member?

  • Annual & Lifetime Members
    • 5+ new 4K scenes (in sets and/or in games)
    • All my past celeb-themed sets & stories
    • Nomad Teens from around the world, plus all new sets
    • Full Versions of all my games
  • Monthly Members
    • Get all new and past scenes and sets
    • Basic versions of Rey & Harry Potter games and Part 1 & 2 of Hermione's Visit Game
    • After 4 months, can request access to Nomad Teens and all of Hermione's Visit Game

What's the best value?

The annual is only $48 for the whole year, which is 60% off (~$4/mo).

But the lifetime membership is even better.

It's a one-time payment of $197, with no recurring payments ever.

You get full access to everything forever.

All my new hardcore celebs and teens. Plus the videos, stories, and games. Forever.

I think it's a pretty sweet deal ; p

(I'll also refund any past purchases up to $50 if you get the Lifetime.)

Click here for Lifetime Membership

A couple of other things:

  • Secure payment is via Gumroad (I never see your cc info)
  • On your cc statement it will say Gumroad or another business name, but not Merry Mage, keeping it confidential
  • Cancel anytime (but only active members retain full access)

Thank you for supporting my artwork!

- Nick

Note: PayPal is also available for Lifetime or Annual memberships only. Click here for PayPal instructions


Refundable only before you login

Once you login to my website, I am unable to offer a refund as all my content can then be downloaded. If you ask for a refund and have not logged in yet, then I'm happy to process a refund. Annual renewals are also refundable within 3 days of renewal upon request. In general, please do not initiate a chargeback, but reach out to me if you feel you should be refunded. Thank you! - Nick

Last updated Oct 19, 2023

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